In many ways, your lawn is one of your home’s most valuable assets. Your lawn is your little slice of the world—a place to relax, revive, and make memories.

But, in Sydney’s mid-cool to sweltering hot climate, you probably feel like you spend more time cutting, trimming, and maintaining your lawn rather than actually enjoying it.

If you’re reading this and nodding your head, it might be time to invest in artificial grass. While synthetic grass was once seen as rough and lifeless, today’s artificial alternatives look as well as feel natural. They’re far more eco-friendly too!

In recent years, the popularity of artificial grass for Sydney homes has increased massively. And here’s why:

  • Artificial grass reduces air pollution as you will no longer have to use petrol or electric mowers to maintain your lawn. Synthetic grass alternatives also help to drive down ground pollution as you won’t have to use pesticides. Oh, and you’ll save around 55 gallons of water every year.
  • As artificial grass is designed to drain and irrigate water, mess or muddy puddles will become a thing of the past.
  • Synthetic lawns are longlasting and incredibly durable—a real winner if you have pets, children, or both.
  • Today’s artificial lawns look as well as feel amazing. Not only will your outside space look great but it will maintain its shine for up to 25 years.

Our three tip-top spaces for artificial grass

Now that you know the benefits of artificial grass for Sydney homes, let’s take a look at three tried, tested, and popular uses for artificial lawns; starting with one of the kiddie or canine variety.

Dog runs & play areas

If you have a four-legged friend, spritely-inquisitive children, or both—synthetic grass is the ideal solution.

Our artificial grass is built for longlasting durability in high traffic areas and you won’t have to worry about your kids or pets dragging mud or grass clippings back into the house.

Soft, safe, durable, and designed for easy cleaning; our synthetic grass won’t hold odours. These are the key ingredients to a successful lawn that accommodate play areas or dog runs.

Outdoor entertainment spaces

If you love to host BBQs, parties, and social gatherings at your home—synthetic grass is perfect.

Not only will you benefit from a neat and vibrant hosting space that is built to withstand constant use (for over two decades), but with all the money you will save on garden tools, pesticides, and weed killers (not to mention your water bill), you will have extra money for your party pot. Good times all round!

Swimming pool surrounds

If you live in the Sydney, Penrith, Newcastle or Central Coast areas, you may have a swimming pool in your garden.

While natural grass is all well and good, when it comes to your pool surrounds, it can get messy, muddy, and damaged very easily. And, if your grass-based pool surrounds become soggy and slippery, they will prove hazardous. The same goes for concrete slabs; they are slippery when wet.

Our poolside artificial grass will maintain its shine whatever the weather and will provide a level of grip that will make your poolside safer. Plus, synthetic poolside lawns won’t get damaged as a result of pool cleansing chemicals like chlorine—another win for artificial grass.

There’s no doubt about it: synthetic lawns are safe, eco-friendly, and will always go the extra mile. No longer will you have wasted several hours on lawn maintenance or fork out for mower replacement parts and chemical products. You can simply kick back, feel safe in the knowledge that your stunning new lawn will more or less take care of itself.

At Eco Lawns Australia, we boast over 20 varieties of naturally green artificial grass products; all of which come with a rock-solid seven-year warranty. Every one of our synthetic grass types is crafted locally and offers a lifespan of around 25 years—an excellent return in investment for any Sydney, Penrith, Newcastle or Central Coast homeowner.

We will help you choose the perfect synthetic grass alternative for your home and install it for you with expert precision.

If you’re ready to upgrade your lawn and say goodbye to constant maintenance, we offer a FREE consultation service (valued at $175).

Fill out the consultation form and we’ll be happy to arrange a date to assess your lawn. Or, if you have any questions about us or our service, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

We look forward to hearing from you!