Rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular across Australia. And, for good reason.

Many homeowners in Sydney and its surrounding areas are starting to utilise their rooftop spaces to create mini utopias complete with calming features and panoramic views—hideaways from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Sounds pretty good, right? In short, it is. Having a leisurely rooftop space will add extra comfort and luxury to your home—not to mention value—boosting your happiness and well being in the process.

But, as wonderful as rooftop spaces are, maintaining them can prove stressful—that’s where artificial grass comes in.

Adding quality artificial grass to the rooftop of your Sydney home offers a plenty of perks that will allow you to enjoy your new leisure space free from stress or struggle.

Curious? Here are the five surefire reasons you should add artificial grass to your Sydney rooftop.

1) Drainage & irrigation

Good quality artificial grass is permeable and assists with drainage & irrigation. As your roof is a vital part of protecting your home from rainfall or water damage, artificial grass will help with irrigation while providing your home with an extra layer of water protection.

Also—and this is a big plus point—artificial grass provides an excellent layer of insulation, meaning that you will save on some of your utility bills. An excellent longterm investment.

2) Space & protection

Some Sydney homeowners hop onto their rooftop once in a while for a little peace and quiet—but, without a comfortable, amenable surface, they will never enjoy the full benefits of a real roof garden.

By investing in quality artificial grass, you will transform your rooftop into a comfortable leisure area permanently, creating more space in the process.

As an added (and very practical) bonus—artificial grass will also double up as a robust protective coating, reducing the risk of roof damage while driving down your home’s exterior maintenance costs. Another win for artificial grass.

3) Looks & value

Looks value


The right artificial grass can transform a rooftop space from average to outstanding right before your very eyes. It’s kind of magic, really.

Modern synthetic grass looks as vibrant and visually appealing as real turf, and it’s comfortable too. Not only will artificial grass make your rooftop the envy of your friends and neighbours but it’s also likely to increase the value of your home (which, of course, is no bad thing).

4) Maximum enjoyment & minimal maintenance

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance which means no watering, no excess weeding, and no mowing. Plus, without the constant needs of watering or weed killers, it’s good for the environment.

Having artificial grass on your rooftop will save you countless hours on maintenance, so it will stay fresh without all the stress.

Basically, with synthetic grass you can enjoy all of the perks of a fully-functional rooftop space, enjoying your secret space to the max rather than messing around with tools and garden gloves week after week. And, relax!

5) Long-lasting & allergy-free

Many of us, pets, adults, and children alike, suffer from grass or plant allergies. But, most artificial grass (including ours) is completely allergy-free—no tears, no fuss, no mess—just pure enjoyment.

Oh, and unlike other rooftop flooring alternatives, artificial grass is designed to go the distance, even with all the wear and tear. In fact, our artificial grass comes with up to a seven-year warranty.

“Had these guys redo my backyard. It’s bloody awesome. Price was right. Very professional job. Can’t stop looking at it.I’ve got several dogs and could not get grass to grow. Now I don’t have to worry. Dogs love it too they can’t stop playing on it.”—Trevor Peterson

At Ecolawns Australia, we know a thing or two about artificial grass. We offer 20 different high-quality varieties to suit different homes, spaces, lifestyle, and preferences. Our products usually last up to 25 years and not only offer superior drainage and protection, but also look incredible.

Are you ready to transform your rooftop into a personal paradise? We can make it happen.

Contact us for a free consultation worth $195 and our friendly experts will be happy to walk you through the process. Or, for a fast free quote, fill out our form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.