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Artificial Grass Maintenance Sydney

Beautiful Grass That’s Guaranteed to Last!

Artificial grass maintenance in Sydney can be a little tricky especially if you have no idea where to seek help and what to do first. But worry no more as Ecolawns Australia is here to keep your Sydney lawns looking great, and plushy all year round. 

With real grass, there’s no way of knowing how long it’s going to last you – a particularly dry summer or an infestation of lawn pests can kill your grass faster than you can save it. You also have to deal with burrowing rodents, weeds, and fungi that can wreak havoc on your garden.

On the other hand, artificial grass has a lifespan between 15 and 20 years, and you’ll never have to deal with dead patches ever again. So if you’re worried about the initial cost of a synthetic lawn, keep in mind that you’ll be saving two decades worth of water and lawn care costs!

Artificial Grass Repairs and Replacements 

Keeping your synthetic lawn looking beautiful is easy to do on your own, which is why when homeowners need artificial grass maintenance in Sydney, it’s usually in the form of repairs and replacements.

While artificial grass is tough enough to handle kids, pets, and sports, even the highest quality material can become damaged. If a section of your lawn needs to be replaced, trust Eco Lawns to provide the perfect piece of new turf for a seamless repair.

Artificial Grass Maintenance in Sydney

While problems can arise, the truth is that most people enjoy their hassle-free artificial lawns for years without any issues whatsoever. But when you do need someone to repair your lawn, you can trust Eco Lawns to get the job done right.

So stop worrying about maintaining your grass and spend more time enjoying your beautiful eco-friendly lawn – make the switch to synthetic grass today!

If you have any questions about artificial grass installation, maintenance and care, don’t hesitate to call our friendly service team at 0427-001-488, or submit an enquiry on our website.

For more info about our commercial synthetic grass, sports synthetic grass, and DIY synthetic grass - feel free click here to request for a free consultation. 

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Why choose us

Naturally Green

Synthetic grass feels great and looks naturally green all year round.

Cost Efficient

Artificial lawns are suitable for Australia's harsh climate. (no constant watering)

Over 20 varieties

We supply over 20 varieties of high quality, long lasting and realistic synthetic & artificial grass options.


Ecolawns supply & install easy to clean synthetic lawns in Sydney (just hose down).


Artificial lawns is a great choice for homes with children or schools and nurseries for a number of reasons.

No Fuss

No fuss – Our artificial grass doesn’t require mowing or watering.