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Are you on the lookout for a perfect lawn that can stand the harsh climate? Fake grass is the best option available. Below we have listed down the benefits of installing fake turf.

Why Artificial Grass

What are the Benefits of Ecolawns’ Fake Grass?

Savings - Fake grass is next to no maintenance which means installing it will let you save cash as you won’t have to deal with lawn mowing, fertilising, trimming, weeding, and watering. By switching to fake grass, homeowners can save water, time, and energy.

Not Prone To Pest - insects that find homes in natural grass will be sent packing, keeping your home, kids, and pets safe.

Eco-friendly - fake grass is environmentally friendly which make it safe for kids, pets, and people who are prone to allergies.

Easy to Clean - hygiene wise, synthetic grass is easy to clean.

Cost Efficient - because it’s low maintenance, you can surely save money with fake grass.

Popularity - So many Australians are now switching from natural to fake grass.

Always in the season - your lawn stays happy and healthy 24/7! No more seasonal changes or uncontrollable dead spots!

Long-term investment - you save on the cost of water, fertilizer, and expensive lawn tools. You can use that savings to buying other necessities in your home or maybe spend your extra money on home improvements.

Over 25 years lifespan - artificial lawns can last up to 25 years. Our skilled team of craftsmen and experts work with every client to ensure that each home will get the best fit possible.

Beautiful Lawn All Year Round - with our top quality artificial lawns you'll enjoy the benefit of having a beautiful garden that looks inviting and relaxing throughout the years.

Where can you install fake grass?

  1. Lawns
  2. Dog runs
  3. Play areas
  4. Sporting fields
  5. Pool surrounds
  6. School
  7. Shires
  8. Commercial space
  9. Residential space
  10. Rooftops
  11. Putting greens
  12. Decorative borders between patio pavers 

Why homeowners in Sydney, The Central Coast and Newcastle are switching to fake grass?

1. They are tired of watering, weeding, fertilizing, and maintaining natural grass.

2. The water bills are too high.

3. Homeowners want to stop using fertilizers and herbicides on their natural lawn.

4. Fake grass is super easy to maintain, and it’s child, pet and environmentally friendly.

5. Artificial grass looks as good as real grass -- and maybe even better.

More About Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass can either be made of polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon with polyethylene which is the most common due to its combined durability, aesthetics and softness when touched.

If you are interested to learn more about our fake grass and how we can help install your dream lawn, call us on (02) 47021149 or fill in our contact form and we'll be so happy to assist you.

Below are some of the artificial sports grass we offer:

✓ Bowling Greens  Cricket Pitches  Soccer Turf  Hockey Fields  Tennis Court

Do you want to get your dream lawn without paying upfront? We are now offering interest-free terms from 6 months up to 24 months to all our customers in Sydney, The Central Coast & Newcastle.

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Looking for more info? Read our post on Why you should switch to Artificial Grass here.


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Why Choose Us

Naturally Green

Our premium synthetic grass feels excellent and looks naturally green all year round. You will not only save water, time, money and effort. You will also enhance the beauty and value of your property.

Cost Efficient

Artificial lawns are suitable for Australia's harsh climate. It's pretty cost efficient as you don't need to do constant watering, mowing, & fertilising. It replicates the natural look and feel of natural lawns and allows you to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space no matter what the season.

Over 20 varieties

We supply over 20 varieties of high quality, long lasting, affordable, realistic pet & kids friendly synthetic grass in Sydney & surrounding areas.


We genuinely care about your family and property, and we value your time with that, we strive to supply & install easy to clean synthetic lawns covered with up to 7-year warranty.


Artificial lawn is an excellent choice for homes, schools, shires and nurseries as its environmentally-friendly. It is both safe for both children and pets. Hygiene wise, it is easily cleaned with light watering, making it free from harmful substances.

No Fuss

No fuss – Our artificial lawns don’t require mowing or watering. That means you'll save money on your water bills, on maintenance, mowing, weeding and fertilising. Not only that, but it's also long-lasting, environmentally friendly, safe for kids and pets too!