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11 Jun 2019

Fake Grass

Have you seen Lawn Porn? It’s a Facebook group dedicated to sharing and discussing beautiful lawns. It hit the headlines in 2017 and now has a community numbering in excess of 30,000 – that’s a lot of lawns.

In the group, members share tips on how to grow beautiful lawns, with topics of discussion covering everything from different species of grass through to techniques such as aeration and irrigation. If you ever want to know why a cylinder mower is better than a rotary mower, or what fertiliser you should purchase for your lawn, this is the place to go.

We love it. The lawns being shared are beautiful, and many of the group members are highly skilled and put a lot of time and effort into making their yard perfect. But we have to wonder, is this amount of time, effort and love achievable for everyone?  We’d have to say no.

For the members of this group, their lawn is their hobby and they enjoy spending hours every week looking after it. That’s hours of time that many people either don’t have or would rather put towards another activity.

But can the same effect be achieved with less effort and expense? Yes!

Achieve The Lawn Porn Look Without Effort With Artificial Grass - This group shows perfectly why artificial lawns are becoming so popular: because people love a great lawn. And now, even those that don’t have the time to create one (or the budget to pay someone else) can have one.

Low Maintenance - Forget scarification, ditch the lawn mower, and give away your fertilizer: you won’t be needing any of them. Artificial lawns start off by looking good, and then they keep on looking good, with minimal effort required. You’ll still have to rake up leaves, but pretty much it.

Reduced Water Bills - The lawns you see on the Lawn Porn page are beautiful, vibrant and healthy, but wait until you see how much they’re spending on water. If everyone watered their lawn that much, we’d be fast approaching a water shortage. An artificial lawn doesn’t require watering – it’s cheaper, easier, and better for the environment.

No Need To Be Careful On Your Turf - Would a lawn pawn turf survive contact with heavy use from a couple of kids and a dog or two? We’ll probably never know, because to keep a lawn looking like that you need to treat it reasonably carefully.

That’s not to say you can’t use a natural lawn, but some damage is inevitable with heavy use – and that means more work for you to repair it. An artificial lawn can take heavy use and never become patchy or be anything less than the perfect shade of green.

Would you like to have a perfect lawn without the maintenance? Contact the Ecolawns team on (02) 47021149 or reach out to us online to find out more.

09 May 2019

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is quickly growing in popularity in areas of Australia like Sydney for a number of different reasons. It’s easy, cost-effective requires little-to-no maintenance to keep it looking great all year round.

Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why artificial grass is becoming such a favoured choice in Sydney.

Real Grass is Difficult to Maintain and Cultivate - In a city like Sydney, where the population is rapidly increasing and thousands of different buildings populate many suburbs, it isn’t easy to cultivate and maintain real grass lawns. Not only that, but most people simply don’t have the time.

For that reason, many homeowners are starting to consider using synthetic lawns so as to sidestep the maintenance and costs that come with using real grass, whilst also rest assured knowing that their lawn will remain green and vibrant all year-round.

It Can Be Used Where Real Grass Can’t Grow - Naturally-growing grass, although ubiquitous, can only grow in particular areas. It won’t grow beneath large-spread trees or areas that lack sunshine. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, is not affected by the sun, making it the perfect option when it comes to filling in areas of your garden where turf cannot thrive.

It’s Non-Toxic - In order to maintain natural grass, fertilizers and pesticides must be used in order to maintain a luscious and vibrant aesthetic. The materials and substances used to install and maintain artificial grass, however, are entirely non-toxic, making them safe for pets and children.

Synthetic grass needs little more than the occasional blowing of any debris, necessitating zero toxic chemicals and making it safe for pets and children.

Artificial Lawns Are Draught-Resistant - Of course, synthetic grass doesn’t require any water to keep it alive. While real grass will start to die in low-water conditions, rendering it yellow and old-looking, artificial lawns can stay green year-in-year-out without requiring any water.

This is one of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of synthetic lawns in areas like Sydney, which are hotter and more prone to drought. Artificial lawns will also save you around 40 litres of water per square meter of lawn each year, helping to reduce water wastage and keep maintenance costs down.  

Fake Grass Pays For Itself - The absence of irrigation, maintenance and fertilizer costs will leave you with more money in your pocket after 3-5 years than if you were to stick with real grass lawns. Even though installing synthetic grass can cost a significant amount of money at first, after a few years it’ll start paying for itself by saving a lot of expenses.

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There are a number of reasons for opting for an artificial lawn. We recommend our natural feel turf. If you wish to learn more about the lawns we have available, get in touch today via (02) 4702 1149 and we will give you a Free Artificial Grass Consultation valued at $195.

We are now offering interest-free terms from 6 months up to 24 months to all our customers in Sydney, The Central Coast & Newcastle. Get Approval in as fast as 10 seconds. Enquire today for more info.

06 May 2019

Fake Grass

Fake grass might look like real grass, but that’s where the similarities end. Unlike most products labelled ‘fake’ it’s not a cheap knockoff or a dodgy copy, but a sophisticated alternative that brings its own unique benefits. We believe that for many home and businesses, artificial grass has many compelling reasons to buy:

Reason 1: Fake Grass is Child-Proof, Dog-Proof, and Sport-Proof

Artificial turf is highly durable, able to withstand even the heaviest use from children, animals, or even sports teams. You can forget about having to reseed your patchy turf; your fake grass will always retain a thick and even coverage.

In addition to being durable, it’s also safe for multiple uses. There’s no need for fertilizers or pesticides, which is good for both children and the environment. There won’t be any pest problems either since the artificial lawn does not provide good living conditions for bugs. Finally, any dog mess can be quickly washed off, and the area made safe with detergent.

Reason 2: No Need To Water Your Grass

Are you tired of watering your grass every morning and evening just to keep it looking good? The only watering an artificial lawn need is the occasional wash. Switching to a fake lawn is good for the environment, great for your water bills, and frees up time in your day – all while providing a far-greener and lusher appearance than the average homeowner can achieve with a natural lawn.

Reason 3: Significantly Reduce Maintenance

Aside from watering, there are plenty of other time-savings. You’ll never need to mow your law again, and you can forget about weeding and other similar activities. Maintenance is minimal: at most, you’ll need to give your lawn an occasional wash and remove debris with a broom or leaf blower.

Reason 4: Fake Grass Looks Great All-Year Round 

All that mowing, weeding, watering and fertilizing is to one end: to achieve a beautiful lawn. Fake grass provides this with a fraction of the effort. An artificial lawn looks healthy and vibrant all year round, regardless of the weather. It won’t struggle during the hot summers or get dead patches when your kids leave their toys on the lawn. It just looks great – and that’s what most people are looking for.

Reason 5: Artificial Grass Will Last For Years

After your initial investment, your lawn will remain in great condition for years. We expect the lawns we install to survive for 20 years with minimal upkeep. Aside from the small amount of maintenance and the occasional repair (easy and cheap), your lawn will require very little attention.

Over time, this builds up to a saving in time and costs over natural grass. This is particularly the case for businesses, who must otherwise hire staff or contractors to tend to their grass.

There you have it: five compelling reasons to consider fake grass. If you’d like more information, or you’d like to claim your free quote, you can contact the Ecolawns team on (02) 4702 1149 or reach out to us online.

01 May 2019

Artificial Grass

When choosing turf lawns - for pups, children or gardening purposes - it's logical to select the best like Ecolawns turf varieties which come with up to 7-year warranty plus other great features like: 

✓ Practical, enduring, long-lasting

✓ Qualified specialists handle installations

✓ Drain and dry quickly even after a downpour of rain 

✓ You can use our fake turf all year round regardless of the weather

✓ Our artificial turf doesn't turn soggy on winter or lousy weather

✓ All AstroTurf and lawn solutions are exceptionally affordable

✓ 7-year warranty pledged for all artificial lawns installations in Sydney

✓ 100% safe for children, pets, and even adults that are prone to allergies

✓ Thick, soft and smooth as natural grass - children and pets will love playing around it

✓ Withstand much more wear and tear than natural gardens, pretty excellent if you have children and pet moving about.

✓ We don't take shortcuts to get the installation done quickly. In fact, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all our installs.

Ready to buy premium astro turf for your property? Call us at (02) 4702 1149 or click here

30 Apr 2019

Synthetic Grass

The synthetic lawn offers a variety of benefits to homeowners.

Apart from not needing to water your lawn, synthetic grass also requires less maintenance - no more weeding, fertilising or mowing at all! How cool is that?

So, instead of wasting your weekend mowing, fertilizing, and water your yard, you can use your time and energy bonding with your friends and family.

✓Beautiful, Appealing Environment - If you wish to own an attractive environment for your residential, commercial, industrial or private property in Sydney, The Central Coast or Newcastle, holding green and plushy lawn is a necessity. Synthetic turf looks excellent all year round without getting dry or looking dull at all. Having a beautiful garden will not only please everyone but will also add value to your home and property.

✓Stress-Free - You will no longer look for a landscaper or mowing contractors to maintain your lawn. That means you can enjoy your garden all year round without spending too much on mowing, weeding, watering. You'll have more quality time with your family, plus you can focus on what truly matters in your home or business.

✓Savings & Investment - With less maintenance lawn, you can save cash, which will allow you to look for other projects to invest. For instance, investing in patios or alfresco.

✓More Time to Relax - With artificial lawns, you will no longer spend time on gardening, lawn mowing, watering, & fertilising that means, you can have more time to relax along with your family. Acquiring fake lawns is indeed a must if you are a busy person.

✓Stop worrying about stinging insects - Insects like ants, flies, bee sting or mosquitos likes staying on natural grass but not on artificial lawns. That means, your kids, and pets will enjoy visiting in your synthetic lawns without worrying about insect bites.

If you'd like us to supply and install new synthetic grass to your property in Sydney, please call us at (02) 4702 1149 or fill in our contact form and we'll be so happy to assist you.

08 Mar 2019

Artificial Grass

A beautiful lawn has always been coveted by homeowners not only because it creates a natural place for the family to spend time in but also raises the resell value of your home. Your front lawn creates the first impression of your house and your backyard lawn is the perfect playground, entertaining area and your secret haven.

When it comes to installing a new lawn or upgrading your existing, you will come across the choice of natural grass or artificial turf. Both options have pros and cons you need to consider, especially as they apply to your family’s needs, land characteristics, weather conditions and preferences. For instance, you need to understand whether the area will be in direct sunlight or shaded, if the water is going to pool in it and even how your family will be using the space. Here are some things to take into account when you make your decision:

Cost - Artificial turfs have a higher upfront cost due to their specially designed material and installation. Natural grass, however, does have a higher ongoing cost from paying for water, fertilizer and maintenance to irrigation systems and pest control.

Maintenance - Natural grass requires ongoing maintenance from watering and mowing to weeding and pest control! Depending on what kind of species you choose these needs can be increased too. Some households enjoy dividing these chores with family members while others prefer the artificial turf that requires no upkeep.

Function - Artificial turfs generally perform better in areas that get more rain as they are designed to dry faster and not leave a muddy mess behind. Also, natural grass needs a lot more attention during the hot and dry months of the year, this means increased cost of water too!

Cleaning - Generally cleaning artificial turf is quite easy. You can get rid of spills and accidents by simply hosing it off, which makes this a perfect option for families with pets and small children.

Environment - Natural grass is generally better for the environment as it clears CO2 and adds Oxygen to the air. It is also preferred as a natural habitat for the insects that live in your garden.

Design - Depending on the conditions of your home an artificial turf may not be easily anchored. For instance, lands that have a significant incline or uneven surface are especially hard to install on.

Overall, opting for an artificial lawn is practical for a number of reasons, you just need to see whether it’s the right fit for your family. We highly recommend our high quality, natural feel turf to families that expect a lot from their yard but want to minimize the maintenance of it. If you want to know more about your options, our knowledgeable staff will offer you an Artificial Grass Consultation valued at $195 for Free. So give us a call today at (02) 4702 1149.

15 Feb 2019

Artificial Grass

Many customers choose artificial lawns to keep their family home clean, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. There are a number of different types of synthetic lawns and due to the material design of these lawns you can get a wide range of benefits and choose exactly what is right for your family’s needs. You can have large grain grass that is durable and dries fast or small grain that is soft to touch and perfect for your kids or pets to roll around on.

• Comfortable and safe for kids and pets - Ecolawns' artificial grass is safe for Kids and pets and is very soft to touch, which is why many nurseries use our products. Our professional installers ensure that the area is safe during and after the installation.

• Don’t worry about Pests anymore - Due to the type of high-quality materials that Ecolawns uses, our grass is pest free all the time, so its one less thing your family needs to worry about. You can be confident that your kids and pets won't encounter any pesky uninvite creatures and can play safely.

• Ecolawns grass dries fast and leaves no mess - Synthetic lawn is also ideal for areas that get a lot of precipitation and families that have a lot of furniture on their lawn, since the material the grass is made of dries much faster than natural lawn. This means less soggy grass, less cleaning pet paws and mud tracked through your home.

• It is a lot easier to clean - The artificial lawn is not only easy to maintain because you no longer have to mow the lawn but also because it is much easier to clean. It is a breeze to get the fallen leaves out or even water wash segments of the lawn if your family makes a mess.

• Ecolawns will last your family a lifetime - Our artificial turfs are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance. This way you know that your investment will improve your family’s life for a long time.

At Ecolawns Australia we supply over 20 varieties of highest quality, long lasting synthetic grass that are not only child & pet-friendly but also have the same look and feel like real grass. Our 100% Australian made grass comes with up to 7 years of warranty to make sure that your family will get to enjoy their new yard for years to come with no worries. To support you in making the best decision for your family we even offer an artificial grass consultation valued at $195 absolutely free!

So, if you are looking for an easy to maintain, clean and comfortable turf solution give us a call today and we will give you a quote within 24 hours. 

02 Jan 2019

Artificial Grass

We all love the idea of having a beautiful lawn all year round whether its a natural or artificial grass. 

Installing natural grass to your Sydney home is a good option if you have enough time to take care and look after your lawn, however, if you don't like to deal with maintenance, watering, mowing and fertilising, installing synthetic grass is the best choice.

Below we have listed the five things you must know before having an artificial grass installed in your lawn.

1. Homes and businesses in Sydney are gearing towards using artificial grass as it has been proven to improve the environment and overall beauty and value of a property.  

2. Real grass needs a lot of maintenance and proper care. During summer you will need to double your effort on watering and maintenance, and if you are busy, it can be a bit annoying.

3. Long lasting - You can use premium synthetic grass up 20 years with very minimal maintenance. If you purchase your artificial turf from Ecolawns, we can guarantee that you'll get a synthetic lawn that's 100% Australian Made. 

4. Artificial grass is also tested and proven to be very safe. If your kids and pets spend a lot of time in the yard, rest assured that with synthetic lawn, you won't have to worry about insect bites and allergies. 

5. Cost efficient - Because artificial grass is cheaper and low maintenance,  it's the best options for you to have if you want to enhance the beauty and value of your property. Also, it's environmentally friendly, and a good investment too!

Ready to hire us? Give us a call at (02) 4702 1149 for a free grass consultation.

13 Dec 2018

Artificial Grass

In Sydney having a beautiful lawn, all year round matters to every homeowner. Maintaining natural grass is hard, and it's one of the primary reasons why people are switching to artificial turf. 

We all know that having real grass is very good for the environment, but if you don't have enough time for maintenance, it can make your lawn look dull. Below we listed some of the best reasons why you should switch to artificial grass. 

1. Artificial grass does not require any mowing and watering, allowing you save time, energy and money too! Who doesn't want to converse time, money and energy by the way?

2. Conserve water - Artificial turf doesn't require watering which means you can converse water and a bit of cash on water bills yet; you can still have a beautiful lawn all year round.

3. Help minimise allergies - Artificial grass can be cleaned easily, thus with a simple sweeping, dust and dirt can be taken off quickly. If your family are allergic to dust, switching to an artificial lawn is a good choice.

4. Less maintenance - the fact that artificial grass doesn't require watering, mowing, and fertilising, you can be sure that you won't need to spend extra cash on maintenance. 

5. Environmental benefits -  artificial turf is ecologically helpful as it doesn't require fertilising. Natural grass produces oxygen; however, it needs to be fertilised, which in the long run, destroys the health of the soil.

If you'd like us to supply and install new artificial lawn to your property in Sydney, please call us at (02) 4702 1149 or fill in our contact form and we'll be so happy to assist you.

27 Nov 2018

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits it provides. Below we have answered seven of the most common questions about artificial grass

1. Is artificial grass safe? Definitely! Artificial turf has no pollen; therefore it is proven safe for children and pets. 

2. Is it child and pet-friendly? Synthetic grass is known for its anti-microbial property which reduces bacteria reproduction, and we guarantee that our turf is kids and pet-friendly

3. Is artificial grass easy to maintain? Yes! It's easy to keep and doesn't require a lot of watering and mowing, unlike natural grass. At Ecolawns, we offer cost-efficient synthetic lawn installation across Sydney.

4. Does artificial grass reduce pests? Certainly! Artificial turf eliminates stagnant water and dries quickly making and this helps keep your lawn free from pests.

5. Is artificial grass environment-friendly? Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass is environmentally-friendly. With its ability to control pests, artificial turf does not require pesticides, fungicides, and other harmful chemicals that can damage the environment. 

6. Is artificial grass prone to discolouration or damage? No. High-quality artificial turf is durable and does not bare patches even with constant use. Since synthetic grass is known to reflect heat and is suitable for harsh climates, its green colour is not likely to fade. At Ecolawns, we offer artificial turf that feels and looks naturally green all year round regardless of the weather.

7. How long does artificial turf last? If maintained well, artificial grass can last up to 20 years. At Ecolawns, we provide long-lasting and durable artificial grass backed with up to 7 years warranty.

We have over 20 types of Australian made synthetic grass. Call us at (02) 4702 1149 for more info or if you'd like to request for a free quote