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27 Nov 2018

7 Most Common Questions

7 Most Common Questions about Artificial Grass Answered

The people of Sydney are turning to artificial grass because of its undeniable benefits. But, considering an alternative to natural grass is a big step, and requires a lot of questions that need answers to. That’s why our team at Eco Lawns have answered 7 most common questions about artificial grass for you. Read on to learn more about it.Is artificial grass safe? 

  1. Is artificial grass safe? Definitely! Artificial grass is safe for children because its synthetic products produce no pollen—which lessens the probability of allergic reactions. Also, synthetic grass is known for its anti-microbial property which reduces bacteria reproduction in your lawn. At Eco Lawns, we ensure that our synthetic lawns are safe for children and pet-friendly. 
  2. Is artificial grass easy to maintain? Yes. Artificial grass requires low-maintenance and does not need a lot of watering and mowing, unlike natural grass. Our company guarantees synthetic lawns that need minimum maintenance. 
  3. Is it more expensive than having natural turf? No. Actually, having an artificial turf saves a lot of money (and water too). Since artificial grass is maintenance-friendly and needs no constant watering, homeowners do not need to pay higher bills on maintenance services. At Eco Lawns, we offer cost-efficient synthetic lawn installation services across Sydney.
  4. Does artificial grass reduce pests and bugs? Certainly! Artificial grass reduces turf-infesting insects because it is not prone to stagnant water. Artificial lawn drains water faster and better. In addition, since artificial grass is not a feeding source to insects, these pests cannot reproduce in the area long enough to damage the lawn. That’s why our team at Eco Lawns always ensure our synthetic grass to control pests and small bugs that harm your otherwise beautiful lawn.
  5. Is artificial grass environment-friendly? Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass is actually environmentally-friendly. With its ability to control pests, artificial turf does not require pesticides, fungicides, and other harmful chemicals that can damage the environment. Our company promotes innovation in environmental welfare, so we discourage the use of harmful chemicals to the environment with the technology of our synthetic lawns.
  6. Is artificial grass prone to discolouration and damage? No. High-quality artificial grass is durable and does not bare patches even with constant use. Since synthetic grass is known to reflect heat and is suitable for harsh climates, its green colour is not likely to fade. At Eco Lawns, we offer synthetic grass that feels and looks naturally green in the long run.
  7. How long does artificial turf last? Artificial grass lasts for 15-20 years. Unlike natural grass which is prone to constant damage, artificial grass is more long-lasting. Our company provides high-quality synthetic grass and excellent synthetic turf installation that secure durability and aesthetic value to our customers’ lawns.
The credibility of our company lies on our 100% Australian-made artificial lawns that are highly preferable to the taste of homeowners and property developers across Sydney. If you are ready to install an artificial lawn to your home, contact us on 0427 001 488. For more information, request fast free quotes from us or click here.

13 Dec 2018

Artificial Grass

Why You Should Switch To Artificial Grass

More often than not, most people prefer to have grass on their lawn and admittedly, some are still getting used to the concept of switching to artificial grass. However, what comes with having real grass is also the requirement for frequent maintenance and proper care.

We all know that having real grass is very good for the environment, but some people are too busy to regularly check up on their lawn. Artificial turf is perfect for these people because they will not have to worry about a thing. Here are some facts why it is advisable to switch to artificial grass:

  • Artificial grass does not require any mowing. Instead of doing something much more important, real grass will need you to mow it when it has already grown. Artificial turf can save you the time from mowing, and you can focus on other household chores.
  • Artificial grass also allows us to conserve water. It’s hugely gratifying to know that we can save water with the help of artificial turf. In times like these, saving water should always be a priority, keeping in mind that access to clean water will always be a necessity. 
  • A synthetic lawn could also minimise dust and dirt. This is also a big thing to point out because some people are prone to allergies from dirt and dust particles that will always be present in real grass. But a simple hose down and sweeping can eliminate these allergens. 
  • An artificial lawn does not require a lot of maintenance. Being artificial is something that can last for many years without rotting. Artificial grass is very necessary to those who don’t have the time to maintain or look after their lawn on a regular basis. 
  • The synthetic lawn has environmental benefits. Although natural grass can provide us better air quality because of its capacity to generate oxygen, it’s also a fact that artificial turf is ecologically helpful. With an artificial lawn, there’s no need to use chemicals like pesticides and weed killers that we know can pollute the air and is extremely harmful to the environment. 

Knowing all these information and benefits we can obtain, we can conclude that Sydney artificial grass is a much safer option for everyone especially in a household with small children and pets. Besides, if you eventually decide to sell your property, an artificial lawn’s aesthetic and low maintenance features are what most new homebuyers are looking for in a property. As a result, your chances of a higher selling rate is imminent because of your decision to switch to artificial grass.