The Process for Synthetic Grass Installation

2022-01-05T17:02:33+08:00By |Synthetic Grass Articles, Artificial Grass Articles|

Ditch the yard work and maintenance with a newly installed synthetic lawn that you can set up yourself or leave to the pros for the best results. Here’s what to expect when installing artificial turf…

How Long Does Synthetic Grass Last? (Artificial Turf Timeline Revealed)

2022-01-21T17:42:18+08:00By |Synthetic Grass Articles, Artificial Grass Articles|

With proper care and maintenance, artificial grass can last up to 25 years (with no mowing or hours of gardening required each week). Keep in mind, there are dozens of synthetic grass varieties, so you’ll need to choose the right product for you.

Gardening And Artificial Grass Landscaping: Saving Money And Water

2020-11-03T13:43:01+08:00By |Artificial Grass Articles|

One of the best benefits of installing synthetic lawns is the water savings you get over real grass. Not only does it require less work on your part, but it also saves money on your monthly utility bills.

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