If you have children or pets at home, the very first thing that you want to consider when choosing grass is if it is safe for your kids and pets. Children and pets alike enjoy playing in a green and plush environment. As supportive parents, you would like to make sure that your lawn feels soft for your kids, and that they are safe to play with.

Synthetic grass is beautiful, low-maintenance, and is gaining popularity in NSW for numerous reasons. If you’ve been considering artificial turf for your yard, you may also have wondered about its safety for children and pets. What is synthetic grass made of, and is it really safe for kids?

Synthetic Grass Is Non-Allergenic – The ‘grass’ in artificial turf is made from synthetic yarn or fibres composed of polypropylene or polyethylene. These substances are types of plastic that can be made into flexible fibres for products such as fabric, rope, food packaging, or bags. High-quality artificial lawns are composed of many layers, even incorporating drainage, and have a texture and feel quite similar to living grass. Not only is synthetic grass a soft and comfortable surface on which children can play, but its material composition is also non-toxic and allergen-free.

Artificial Turf Is Antimicrobial – When selecting the appropriate synthetic grass for your lawn, choosing a pet-friendly grass comes with the added advantage of having antimicrobial properties. Besides this enormous benefit for the sanitary aspects of your yard in general, it also helps keep your kids safe. Your synthetic grass will maintain its germicidal effects as long as you perform regular maintenance. As a bonus, artificial turf that has been engineered for pets drains better than real lawns, is durable, and is easy to clean.

Synthetic Grass Is Pesticide and Herbicide Free – Living, growing lawns naturally attract insects and foster weeds, and chemical measures are often the simplest solution. When you have synthetic grass installed, it eliminates the need for pesticides and herbicides. A lawn that doesn’t contain these harmful substances is far safer for your children.

Synthetic Grass is soft to touch – Kids love to play with soft materials, installing soft to touch synthetic grass will not only allow you to spend more time outdoors with your kids but will also give you the opportunity to connect with them more deeply. As parents, providing what’s best for your children is something that will not only make you happy but will also boost your confidence as parents. Nothing compares to seeing your kids and pets playing around your soft artificial turf under good weather.

Ecolawns Australia provides safe artificial lawns for children and pets. Whether you’re looking for a stunning yard outside your home or business, or need long-lasting turf for your sporting service, we have the perfect option for everyone.

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