Green Lawns All Year Round with Our Sydney’s DIY Artificial Grass

Admit it, that lush green lawn you have always envisioned has turned into brown patches that taunt you each summer. With the harsh Australian sun and water restrictions, getting that lush & inviting lawn seems almost out of your reach. That is why the team here at Ecolawns Australia has developed DIY artificial grass for homes, businesses, sporting fields, golf courses, landscapers and builders in Penrith, Sydney, The Central Coast & Newcastle.

Providing that same soft feel with that vibrant colour you want, our DIY artificial grass Sydney is the perfect choice for families and businesses. These grass products won’t require the same amount of upkeep as natural lawns, as you won’t ever need to worry about mowing, fertilising or watering. It lasts superbly no matter how much you use it, with no dirt patches left to cover up, and is easy to clean making it a perfect solution for those with kids and pets.

Are you prone to allergies? One of the more common allergies people have is to grass and pollen. Installing DIY artificial grass in your Sydney home or business will combat this problem for you and your family and allow all members to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year regardless of the weather. So say goodbye to allergies today – switch to Australian made artificial grass. You know you deserve it!

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Over 20 Types of DIY Artificial Grass To Choose From

Over 20 Types of DIY Artificial Grass To Choose From

– Freedom of choice Don’t worry.
We have over twenty varieties of high-quality synthetic grass to choose from to ensure you find the perfect one to complete the look of your outside areas. Our team will help you pick the best type of grass for your property.
– Not sure which artificial grass to pick?
Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! We have worked with many property developers, schools, sports clubs, home & business owners to select the ideal solution suited to their space.
We are confident we can help you as well. Directly contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you. We will not only work closely with you, but we will also offer you with a 7-year warranty on any type of synthetic grass you choose.

Why DIY Artificial Grass Sydney


If you are looking to get the yard you have always wanted but don’t want to blow your budget. This is the perfect solution. We pride ourselves on our high-quality artificial lawn products that have been made to last, and our DIY synthetic grass has been made with only the best materials to ensure the perfect appearance, easy installation and long-lasting results.

If you would like more information on how our DIY artificial lawn can improve your home or business in Sydney, please get in touch with our team and discuss available options. Directly call (02) 4702 1149 or complete our online enquiry form to get started. Be sure to check out the Gallery to get inspired.

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Why Choose Us

Why homes and businesses in Penrith, Sydney, The Central Coast & Newcastle choose our artificial grass products and services

Over 20 varieties

We supply over 20 varieties of high quality, long lasting, affordable, realistic, pet & kids friendly synthetic turf products in Sydney & surrounding areas.

Save $$

No more fertilizer, mowing and trimming equipment and maintenance, big water bills or eating up your time on weekends. Better yet, it stays beautifully green no matter the season or conditions.

Up to 7 years warranty

Australian made for Australian conditions, our synthetic grass is made to last.


Our synthetic grass is made in Australia for Australia’s climate. With an up to 25 year life span and up to 7-year warranty, you can rest assured knowing your grass will be greener than the other side for many years to come!


Artificial lawn is an excellent choice for homes, schools, shires and nurseries as it’s environmentally friendly. It is safe for both children and pets. Hygiene wise, it is easily cleaned with light watering. Artificial grass is a great way to keep your family and pets free from the harmful effects of pesticides, herbicides, ticks and other nasties.

Naturally Green

Our premium synthetic grass Sydney feels excellent and looks just like the real thing. Made in Australia, you can instantly increase the curb appeal of your property with our realistic premium artificial turf.

Our Credibility

australian made
7 year warranty
up to 25 years
australian owned
child and pet friendly


Thank you so much. Awesome job. Looks great. On time and professional. The handy hunts will also keep it looking good for years to come.

Jane Pereira

The grass is always greener on the other side this must be the other side haha.

Shaun Snell

They did an amazing job of my pool area… looks beautiful. Definitely, recommend them to anyone wanting synthetic grass.

Seda Arslan Daştan

Great product, great guys. Quick and easy service and installation, we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Aaron from Ecolawns Australia Penrith.

Nathan Zammit

Thanks to Aaron and the team for delivering an excellent 5-star work. We can’t get over it. :)

Varsha Raj

These guys are amazing, I had a dust bowl (thanks to the dogs) at the beginning of the day and by the afternoon a beautiful green lawn. Friendly and reliable. Highly recommend.

Tanya Figueroa
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Free Lawn Consultation (Valued at $195)

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