We all love the idea of having a beautiful lawn all year round whether its a natural or artificial grass.

Installing natural grass to your Sydney home is a good option if you have enough time to take care and look after your lawn, however, if you don’t like to deal with maintenance, watering, mowing and fertilising, installing synthetic grass is the best choice.

Below we have listed the five things you must know before having an artificial grass installed in your lawn.

1. Homes and businesses in Sydney are gearing towards using artificial grass as it has been proven to improve the environment and overall beauty and value of a property.

2. Real grass needs a lot of maintenance and proper care. During summer you will need to double your effort on watering and maintenance, and if you are busy, it can be a bit annoying.

3. Long lasting – You can use premium synthetic grass up 20 years with very minimal maintenance. If you purchase your artificial turf from Ecolawns, we can guarantee that you’ll get a synthetic lawn that’s 100% Australian Made.

4. Artificial grass is also tested and proven to be very safe. If your kids and pets spend a lot of time in the yard, rest assured that with synthetic lawn, you won’t have to worry about insect bites and allergies.

5. Cost efficient – Because artificial grass is cheaper and low maintenance, it’s the best options for you to have if you want to enhance the beauty and value of your property. Also, it’s environmentally friendly, and a good investment too!

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