One of the best benefits of installing synthetic lawns is the water savings you get over real grass. Not only does it require less work on your part, but it also saves money on your monthly utility bills.

Artificial grass landscaping creates a flawless look in your front and backyard areas. It’s a gardening project that pays off year after year with great looks and long-term costs savings.

If you live in a part of Australia with little rainfall, an artificial grass backyard can benefit you even more. Your lawn can weather those dry periods with no changes in appearance and no increased water needs.

Keep reading to see why artificial landscaping is a cost-effective and beautiful option.

Stays Green – Are you tired of your grass turning brown or yellow during dry periods? There’s no denying that a consistently green lawn is a source of pride for homeowners.

With real grass, you can’t always achieve that beautiful green lawn easily. Dry periods are the biggest threat to the color of your grass. Your lawn will eventually go dormant without water.

A lawn that goes without water shows the following signs:

• Brown grass blades
• Wilting
• Crunchy blades
• Stays flat when stepped on

The unappealing brown look can affect the entire lawn or just certain patches. You’re more likely to see signs of drought if the grass has shallow roots or grows in poor-quality soil.

Overwatering your grass can also cause changes in the appearance that leave your lawn looking bad. That might include yellow leaves, wilting, green algae on the soil, rotten roots, and no new growth.

Artificial grass eliminates that change in colors due to weather changes or overwatering. With different types of synthetic grass, you can get the look you want. Your lawn always looks perfectly green and perfectly manicured without any work from you.

Prevents Trampling or Bare Patches – Even if the weather cooperates and provides enough rain to keep your grass green, you may notice trampled or bare patches. These areas happen when people walk the same pathways over and over. They can also happen due to kids playing in the yard or dogs running, digging, or urinating on the lawn.

It can be difficult to patch up those trampled, damaged areas once they form. Since they’re often the busiest areas of the yard, it’s difficult to get new grass seed to grow. The new grass blades are more susceptible to damage from people or pets walking on them.

With fake grass, you don’t have to worry about worn areas in your landscaping. Artificial grass is a durable option for those busy parts of the lawn. Eliminating the trampled and bare areas improves your home’s curb appeal.

Eliminates Increased Water Initially – When you lay down sod or plant grass seed in your landscaping, it needs lots of water initially. New sod needs watered at least once per day, and it may need more watering if it’s especially dry, hot, or windy. Newly planted grass seed has similar water requirements.

If you don’t water newly established grass frequently enough, it won’t grow properly. It may turn brown or start to die. Meeting those early watering requirements can increase your bill significantly.

Artificial grass looks great from the first installation. You don’t need to wait for it to become established, and you don’t need to increase your water use initially.

Cuts Out Irrigation Needs – Even once your lawn is established it has ongoing watering needs. If you live in an area with little rain or experience a low rainfall season, you’ll need to increase your irrigation.

That increased irrigation has an impact on the environment and your water bill. It also demands more of your time to set up the sprinklers and monitor watering. If you have an in-ground irrigation system, you may have ongoing maintenance that takes your time.

Lowers Water Bill – About 40% of typical water use in a household happens outdoors for landscaping and gardening purposes. Your lawn uses about 90% of that water.

If you can cut down your outdoor watering requirements, you can make a significant impact on your water bills. How much you can save depends largely on where you live. Hotter, drier climates naturally demand more water, so you can save more on your bills in those areas.

The size of your lawn also impacts water usage. Replacing a large lawn with artificial turf may help you see a larger reduction in your water bills. Even though you’re spending money upfront on the artificial grass installation, you can recoup some of those costs right away on your lower water bills.

Reduces Pesticide Costs – Lack of water isn’t the only cause of grass discoloration and damage. Pests can damage your lawn and leave it looking brown or otherwise ruined.

Applying pesticides to real grass adds to your overall care costs. It also introduces chemicals into your lawn and the environment.

Artificial grass eliminates the need for pesticides and herbicides. You can enjoy a beautiful lawn without that added expense. You can also enjoy the lawn without the worry of the chemicals affecting yourself, your kids, or your pets.

Eliminates Lawn Equipment Costs – Another cost-saving benefit of artificial grass is the elimination of lawn care equipment. You can sell your old lawn mower and other equipment you used to care for your grass. You also eliminate ongoing costs of lawn care, such as gas and oil for the mower, blade sharpening, maintenance, and replacement of lawn care equipment that dies.

On top of the cost savings, you free up room in your storage shed. Once you ditch your lawnmower, you have more room to store other items.

Try Artificial Grass Landscaping – If you’re tired of watering your lawn and paying the high water bills, artificial grass landscaping is a suitable alternative. You’ll get a consistently lush, green lawn, and you save water to do your part for the environment and your bank account.

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