Many customers choose artificial lawns to keep their family home clean, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. There are a number of different types of synthetic lawns and due to the material design of these lawns you can get a wide range of benefits and choose exactly what is right for your family’s needs. You can have large grain grass that is durable and dries fast or small grain that is soft to touch and perfect for your kids or pets to roll around on.

• Comfortable and safe for kids and pets – Ecolawns’ artificial grass is safe for Kids and pets and is very soft to touch, which is why many nurseries use our products. Our professional installers ensure that the area is safe during and after the installation.

• Don’t worry about Pests anymore – Due to the type of high-quality materials that Ecolawns uses, our grass is pest free all the time, so its one less thing your family needs to worry about. You can be confident that your kids and pets won’t encounter any pesky uninvite creatures and can play safely.

• Ecolawns grass dries fast and leaves no mess – Synthetic lawn is also ideal for areas that get a lot of precipitation and families that have a lot of furniture on their lawn, since the material the grass is made of dries much faster than natural lawn. This means less soggy grass, less cleaning pet paws and mud tracked through your home.

• It is a lot easier to clean – The artificial lawn is not only easy to maintain because you no longer have to mow the lawn but also because it is much easier to clean. It is a breeze to get the fallen leaves out or even water wash segments of the lawn if your family makes a mess.

• Ecolawns will last your family a lifetime – Our artificial turfs are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance. This way you know that your investment will improve your family’s life for a long time.

At Ecolawns Australia we supply over 20 varieties of highest quality, long lasting synthetic grass that are not only child & pet-friendly but also have the same look and feel like real grass. Our 100% Australian made grass comes with up to 7 years of warranty to make sure that your family will get to enjoy their new yard for years to come with no worries. To support you in making the best decision for your family we even offer an artificial grass consultation valued at $195 absolutely free!

So, if you are looking for an easy to maintain, clean and comfortable turf solution give us a call today and we will give you a quote within 24 hours.