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Lawn Porn Goes Mainstream – But Is It Achievable For Most People

Lawn Porn Goes Mainstream – But Is It Achievable For Most People
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Have you seen Lawn Porn? It’s a Facebook group dedicated to sharing and discussing beautiful lawns. It hit the headlines in 2017 and now has a community numbering in excess of 30,000 – that’s a lot of lawns.

In the group, members share tips on how to grow beautiful lawns, with topics of discussion covering everything from different species of grass through to techniques such as aeration and irrigation. If you ever want to know why a cylinder mower is better than a rotary mower, or what fertiliser you should purchase for your lawn, this is the place to go.

We love it. The lawns being shared are beautiful, and many of the group members are highly skilled and put a lot of time and effort into making their yard perfect. But we have to wonder, is this amount of time, effort and love achievable for everyone?  We’d have to say no.

For the members of this group, their lawn is their hobby and they enjoy spending hours every week looking after it. That’s hours of time that many people either don’t have or would rather put towards another activity.

But can the same effect be achieved with less effort and expense? Yes!

Achieve The Lawn Porn Look Without Effort With Artificial Grass - This group shows perfectly why artificial lawns are becoming so popular: because people love a great lawn. And now, even those that don’t have the time to create one (or the budget to pay someone else) can have one.

Low Maintenance - Forget scarification, ditch the lawnmower, and give away your fertilizer: you won’t be needing any of them. Artificial lawns start off by looking good, and then they keep on looking good, with minimal effort required. You’ll still have to rake up leaves, but pretty much it.

Reduced Water Bills - The lawns you see on the Lawn Porn page are beautiful, vibrant and healthy, but wait until you see how much they’re spending on water. If everyone watered their lawn that much, we’d be fast approaching a water shortage. An artificial lawn doesn’t require watering – it’s cheaper, easier, and better for the environment.

No Need To Be Careful On Your Turf - Would a lawn pawn turf survive contact with heavy use from a couple of kids and a dog or two? We’ll probably never know because to keep a lawn looking like that you need to treat it reasonably carefully.

That’s not to say you can’t use a natural lawn, but some damage is inevitable with heavy use – and that means more work for you to repair it. An artificial lawn can take heavy use and never become patchy or be anything less than the perfect shade of green.

Would you like to have a perfect lawn without the maintenance? Contact the Ecolawns team on (02) 47021149 or reach out to us online to find out more.