A beautiful lawn has always been coveted by homeowners not only because it creates a natural place for the family to spend time in but also raises the resell value of your home. Your front lawn creates the first impression of your house and your backyard lawn is the perfect playground, entertaining area and your secret haven.

When it comes to installing a new lawn or upgrading your existing, you will come across the choice of natural grass or artificial turf. Both options have pros and cons you need to consider, especially as they apply to your family’s needs, land characteristics, weather conditions and preferences. For instance, you need to understand whether the area will be in direct sunlight or shaded, if the water is going to pool in it and even how your family will be using the space. Here are some things to take into account when you make your decision:

Cost – Artificial turfs have a higher upfront cost due to their specially designed material and installation. Natural grass, however, does have a higher ongoing cost from paying for water, fertilizer and maintenance to irrigation systems and pest control.

Maintenance – Natural grass requires ongoing maintenance from watering and mowing to weeding and pest control! Depending on what kind of species you choose these needs can be increased too. Some households enjoy dividing these chores with family members while others prefer the artificial turf that requires no upkeep.

Function – Artificial turfs generally perform better in areas that get more rain as they are designed to dry faster and not leave a muddy mess behind. Also, natural grass needs a lot more attention during the hot and dry months of the year, this means increased cost of water too!

Cleaning – Generally cleaning artificial turf is quite easy. You can get rid of spills and accidents by simply hosing it off, which makes this a perfect option for families with pets and small children.

Environment – Natural grass is generally better for the environment as it clears CO2 and adds Oxygen to the air. It is also preferred as a natural habitat for the insects that live in your garden.

Design – Depending on the conditions of your home an artificial turf may not be easily anchored. For instance, lands that have a significant incline or uneven surface are especially hard to install on.

Overall, opting for an artificial lawn is practical for a number of reasons, you just need to see whether it’s the right fit for your family. We highly recommend our high quality, natural feel turf to families that expect a lot from their yard but want to minimize the maintenance of it. If you want to know more about your options, our knowledgeable staff will offer you an Artificial Grass Consultation valued at $195 for Free. So give us a call today at (02) 4702 1149.