Smart Ways to Use Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is versatile, giving you more options to use it in different applications like:

#1 – Mattings or floorings for play areas

Premium artificial grass is soft and non-toxic, making it excellent flooring or matting options for play areas of all sizes. Artificial grass is flexible, allowing you to use it indoors and outdoors. And because it’s also extremely durable with up to 25 years’ lifespan, shires, schools, sporting surfaces and landscapers always prefer it over natural greens.

#2 – Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens have always been one of the most popular forms of the gardening way back 3000 BCE. To date, this garden design is still highly popular and widely used.

And because artificial grass is built with flexibility and durability in mind, home and business owners alike, use it as one of the best options for vertical gardens. To name a few, hotels, outdoor and indoor walls of residential and commercial spaces also have artificial grass installed in their premises, making their walls look more visually appealing.

Another reason why artificial grass is used in the vertical garden is that they can be installed quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to have your dream green walls in just a matter of hours! Without trimming, watering and fertilizing – you can have stunning vertical garden instantly enabling you to enjoy it for decades!

#3 – Wallcoverings

Do you secretly cringe when you see your dull wall but not interested with the idea of wallpapering or repainting?
Why not give artificial grass a try?

Imagine having naturally-green and plushy wall inside your premises – and you can have it instantly without having to deal with a lot of work that repainting requires. Artificial grass can be installed in hours, so if you’re looking for practical ways to bring life back to your faded wall – then choose artificial grass.

Using artificial grass as wallcoverings is also an excellent idea for restaurant, offices and bars, as it can make your setting impressive, refreshing and pleasurable to visit.

If you think artificial grass is expensive, well no, it’s not. You can have your dream wall coverings completed in a day without paying upfront. Call us on (02) 470a2 1149 to learn more.

#4 – Use for displays

Do you like hosting events? Artificial grass is an excellent option for shows. You can add fun and creative touch to your booth with artificial turf. You don’t have to buy a whole lot of it, just a few cuts that you can use to highlight sections in your surfaces. It’s efficient, quick, easy and effortless!

#5 – Converting surfaces

If you have a bland surface and you want to put life back to it, installing artificial grass is such a smart option. For many years, artificial grass has been one of the best options in transforming dull and lifeless areas to homes and business. There are many types and colours of artificial grass with soft, short and long blades that you can use on transforming faded spaces. If you require design consultation, you can call (02) 470a2 1149.

#6 – Furniture coverings

Are you looking for ways to transform the dull appearance of your old furniture? There’s hope for you! Use artificial grass with striking colours!

You can use it to cover furniture around your pool areas, stools on your mini bar, or oven your entire couch! There’s artificial grass with super soft blades, so soft that you can’t tell its unnatural!

Are you looking to buy soft artificial grass near you? Call (02) 4702 1149. We supply premium quality artificial grass in Penrith, Sydney, The Central Coast or Newcastle.

#7 – Putting greens

Do you own a backyard space that’s convertible into small sporting surfaces? Here’s a piece of good news! You can convert a lifeless backyard into putting greens with artificial grass built for sporting surfaces! It’s easy, cost-effective, and you can even do it yourself! To get started, give us a call on (02) 4702 1149 or visit our DIY artificial grass options here.

#8 – Transforming lifeless lawn

You have a garden, but every time you look at it, you can’t help but feel frustrated because weeds, pests and insects are invading it. If this is stressing you out, don’t worry! Install artificial grass that can last up to 25 years.

Why Artificial lawn?

Artificial lawn is extensively used in many properties of different sizes in NSW. Property owners like artificial lawn because it’s durable, cost-effective, less maintenance, plushy, flexible and most of all it adds up to 25% to any property’s value.

Artificial Grass Supply for NSW
If you’re in Penrith, Sydney, The Central Coast or Newcastle and looking for premium quality artificial grass with a 7-year warranty and 25 years’ lifespan – Ecolawns Australia can help you.

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