More and more councils and sports clubs are turning to synthetic turf for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Traditional grass turf takes time and money to maintain: more than many small clubs and cash-strapped councils can easily find.

It can also be environmentally costly, using up precious water that would be better saved and used elsewhere. Maintaining natural grass is good, the playable condition is particularly difficult through the long, dry Perth summer. A perfect-looking, green sports field might be easy to achieve in a wet European climate, but here in Western Australia, it can be really tough, even for the best greenkeepers. And with our summers getting ever hotter and drier, it’s only going to get harder.

Purists might baulk at the thought of laying a field with synthetic sports grass, the reality is that synthetic turf is far better than natural grass in a lot of measurable ways. Here are just five ways in which synthetic turf outperforms natural grass, helping it perform better for players and save money and time for sports field owners.


The weekly mow? Gone. Weeding? Finished. Fertilising, watering and repainting lines? Done and done. Synthetic sport grass demands essentially zero ongoing maintenance – you can just set it and forget it.

If you currently have a natural grass sports field, especially if it’s used for a sport such as bowling or golf that requires a perfect surface, then you’ll know that the maintenance is extremely time-consuming. No sooner has one task been done than another appears, leaving you and your staff to chase your tail constantly just trying to keep it at an acceptable standard (never mind looking perfect).

And then, every weekend, it’s damaged as it’s used and you end up with a whole new list of jobs to do and problems to fix. Synthetic turf takes away all that at a stroke, leaving you free to concentrate on developing your club and growing your business.

Ongoing costs

Because there’s no maintenance or watering, there ongoing costs of synthetic sports grass in Perth will also essentially be zero. Once it’s installed, you’ll save bucketloads. If you’re wondering whether the cost of installing synthetic turf is worth it, consider how much money you currently spend on maintenance, including staffing costs and the cost attached to your time, and it may be much more affordable thank you first thought.

Recovery times

Does your grass struggle to bounce back weekend after weekend? Perhaps your turf sees action all through the week, and never gets the chance to fully recover. After heavy weekend usage, natural turf really needs a few days of complete recovery time to keep it at its best. In reality, few sports clubs have that luxury. To pay the bills, you need bookings throughout the week and not only on the weekend. The result is damaged turf that never looks its best and isn’t as easy to play on as it should be.

There are no such worries with synthetic turf, which doesn’t need to recover and is all but impossible to damage through normal use. You can take as many bookings as you like, maximise your use of the field and have more cash in the bank without the stress of constant maintenance.

All-weather utility

No browning during heat and drought, no mud or bog after heavy rain: synthetic turf is ready for action regardless of the weather.

Natural grass varies with the seasons and is easily affected by rain and sun. Careful maintenance and preparation for summer and winter can help maintain natural grass despite the conditions, but the weather will always have an effect. This is particularly true when things change unexpectedly, or we have a hotter summer or wetter winter than usual.

Even well-kept natural turf can deteriorate quickly in extreme conditions, but synthetic turf never does


A true surface not only ensures that competition between two teams is fair, but it also guards players (and the sports club) against injuries that tend to occur on uneven ground.

If your turf is bumpy, lumpy or otherwise poor quality, you risk damaging your business. Teams will be put off by an inconsistent surface… especially if they think the other side’s all-important winning goal came about because of a lump in your turf.

Synthetic turf keeps matches fair, keeps business coming in for you and helps everyone stay safe.

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