When choosing turf lawns – for pups, children or gardening purposes – it’s logical to select the best like Ecolawns turf varieties which come with up to 7-year warranty plus other great features like:

✓ Practical, enduring, long-lasting

✓ Qualified specialists handle installations

✓ Drain and dry quickly even after a downpour of rain

✓ You can use our fake turf all year round regardless of the weather

✓ Our artificial turf doesn’t turn soggy on winter or lousy weather

✓ All AstroTurf and lawn solutions are exceptionally affordable

✓ 7-year warranty pledged for all artificial lawns installations in Sydney

✓ 100% safe for children, pets, and even adults that are prone to allergies

✓ Thick, soft and smooth as natural grass – children and pets will love playing around it

✓ Withstand much more wear and tear than natural gardens, pretty excellent if you have children and pet moving about.

✓ We don’t take shortcuts to get the installation done quickly. In fact, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all our installs.

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