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Our Sydney's Artificial Grass Installation Solutions

artificial_grass_installation_sydneyWhether you choose to install your grass or let a professional team do it for you, below are the process to follow:

Measure the length and width of the area. Inform our friendly team of your measurements, and they will calculate the number of turf rolls you require.

✔ Before laying, ensure the soil is dry (you may need to wait to install turf if weather conditions are wet).

When conditions are appropriate, and you're ready to lay, remove existing grass by undercutting with a spade. Dig out the area to a depth of around 15cm, removing large stones, roots and weeds.

Firm the soil with a garden roller to provide a flat surface for laying your turf rolls. Lay the turf after cutting to size. Finish with a roller to create a flat, even surface.

How long does it take to install artificial grass?

sydneys_artificial_grass_installationThe length of time it takes to install artificial grass depends on the size of your area, but the average install for residential property only takes one or two days. Our reliable fitting team will customize the base your synthetic turf so that your new lawn is perfectly level.

If you prefer to install your synthetic grass, we recommend opting DIY fake grass. DIY is a great way to save money while still getting the beautiful, long-lasting results you want for your lawn.

Would you rather prefer our team of experts to install your artificial lawn? Call us at (02) 4702 1149.

Here's a thing, we have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We have perfected grass installation with the number of years we have put into this business.

To date, we've made over 5,397 happy customers in Sydney with our professionally installed synthetic lawns, and we are confident that we can do the same for you!

Why Ecolawns Australia's Fake Grass?

why_ecolawns_australias_artificial_grass Low maintenance: Because artificial grass doesn't need to be mowed or watered, you'll save tons of time and money on maintenance.

No more allergies: Grass pollen allergies are a common annoyance, but you should be able to enjoy your garden without having a sneezing fit. You won't have a pollen problem with artificial lawn, and you won't track grass clippings into the house either!

Save more money: Upfront, synthetic grass is initially more expensive than real grass, but it pays for itself. The money you'll save on your water bill and lawn care services, in the long run, will be more than worth it.

Investment: Investing in curb appeal is one of the best and easiest ways to increase the value of your home. A home with a beautiful synthetic lawn is more likely to attract potential home buyers than a yard covered in dry, patchy grass!

Beautiful garden 365 days a year: Winter, summer, spring or fall, your artificial lawn will look great in any weather without fading.

Are you excited to get your dream lawn installed without paying upfront? We offer interest-free finance with up to 24 months. Get approval in as fast as 10 seconds. Get a quote now!

Do you have any questions about artificial grass? Check out our FAQs page.

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Most Common Questions We'd Like To Answer For you.

residential_and_commercial_lawns• Does synthetic grass add value to a property?

Definitely! It's an investment. It will add value to your home and even enhance its beauty. It can last up to 25 years if maintained well.

• Will weeds grow through synthetic grass?

If the installation isn't done professionally, yes weeds can grow through it. It's why here at Ecolawns Australia, we help you understand how artificial grass is installed, and how it can be done professionally. If you prefer to do it yourself, we will provide you with steps that are easy to follow.

• What do I need to install fake grass?

First, you need to order your preferred type of grass. We can help you with this. Measure the total area where you want the turf installed, get that area cleaned up. When preparing the soil, you need to follow a specific process to ensure grass won't grow through your artificial grass. We can work closely with you on this if you need help.

• What is the best fake grass?

sydneys_artificial_grassThere are lots of fake grass suppliers available these days, and most of them offer the best fake grass products. However, you need to understand that the best synthetic grass might not fit your needs. So firstly, you need to identify things like the weather in your area, where you want the turf installed - is that area often used? For high traffic areas, you need grass with thicker blades. Are you prone to allergies? Do you have pets or children in your home? If yes, then you need a child and pet-friendly as well as an environmentally friendly type of grass. Please note, you will be using your artificial lawn for as long as you want, so make sure it can last up longer.

• What can I replace with natural lawn with?

If you want your natural lawn replaced, then the best option is to replace it with artificial grass. Most clients we helped often switch from natural to fake turf because of the amount of money, energy, and effort they spend cultivating natural lawns. With synthetic grass, you will no longer spend time or money on weeding, mowing, fertilizing and watering.

From small residential gardens to sprawling commercial properties, we have got you covered! If you're not sure about what style you want, we'll use our experience working with over 5,397 customers throughout NSW to help you come up with the right solution.

Keeping your yard looking great all-year-round can be much work, but it doesn't have to be. By choosing artificial turf over real grass, you can have the best garden you want! Our customers not only get the best curb appeal but also increase the overall value of their property. So call us today (02) 4702 1149 to get started!

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Name: Fiona Arnold
Testimonial: "Impressed with Aaron's service & the team's installation. They did a great job on our backyard, which is now inviting, versatile and low maintenance. Great job thanks, Aaron!"

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Free Artificial Grass Consultation (Valued at $195)

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Why Choose Us

Naturally Green

Our premium synthetic grass Sydney feels excellent and looks naturally green all year round. You will not only save water, time, money and effort. You will also enhance the beauty and value of your property.

Cost Efficient

Astro turf are suitable for Australia's harsh climate. It's pretty cost efficient as you don't need to do constant watering, mowing, & fertilising. It replicates the natural look and feel of natural lawns and allows you to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space no matter what the season.

Over 20 varieties

We supply over 20 varieties of high quality, long lasting, affordable, realistic, pet & kids friendly synthetic turf products in Sydney & surrounding areas.


We genuinely care about your family and property, and we value your time with that, we strive to supply & install easy to clean fake lawns covered with up to 7-year warranty.


Artificial lawn is an excellent choice for homes, schools, shires and nurseries as its environmentally-friendly. It is both safe for both children and pets. Hygiene wise, it is easily cleaned with light watering, making it free from harmful substances.

No Fuss

No fuss – Our artificial lawns don’t require mowing or watering. That means you'll save money on your water bills, on maintenance, mowing, weeding and fertilising. Not only that, but it's also long-lasting, environmentally friendly, safe for kids and pets too!