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Artificial Grass For Builders

Artificial Grass for BuildersWith more than a decade of experience with artificial grass, Ecolawns Australia is the perfect partner for your project. We supply more than 20 varieties of high-quality Australian-made synthetic grass to Sydney’s building trade and are experts at getting a great finish first time.

Artificial grass is ideal because you can set it and forget it; it is hardwearing, cost-effective, and doesn’t require any maintenance. This allows your teams to concentrate on more important tasks – like getting the rest of those houses up!

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Upgrade The Look of New Homes And Attract Buyers

We’ve observed many new homes suffer the same problem: the house looks great, but the garden? Not so much. You’ve either got bare earth and no turf or a hastily-laid lawn that is clearly struggling to survive when faced with the twin perils of hot summers and the constant back-and-forth of busy tradesmen.

Artificial grass is the ideal solution. It enables you to upgrade the visual appearance of your new homes instantly, creating a luscious green lawn that is certain to attract the attention of new buyers. Best of all, it’ll look just as good in a few months’ time as it on the day it was laid.

From Bare Soil To Luscious Turf In Less Than 48 Hours

The average artificial grass installation (for residential properties) takes just a day or two. That’s all the time we need to survey your site, measure the amount of turf you need, and install.

To ensure a perfect finish, our team work hard to create a flat and level lawn. This includes rolling the soil to create a flat surface, trimming the base of your turf to ensure a perfectly level lawn, and then rolling again to get that perfect finish.

Hardwearing Artificial Grass Resists Damage

Creating a beautiful lawn is hard enough in the Australian climate, without having to contend with the busyness of a building site – it’s no wonder most turf outside new homes is damaged and tired before the property is even sold.

Artificial turf is much more hardwearing: you can walk on it after installation without fear that you’re causing damage and it won’t care if you don’t water it. Because you don’t need to be quite so careful with it, you can install artificial grass slightly earlier in the building process, ensuring your new homes look great for longer.

Artificial Turf for HomeownersHomeowners Love Artificial Grass

It’s not just builders who love artificial grass for the convenience – they’re also a selling point for many Sydney homeowners who are too busy to look after a living lawn.

Benefits include:

  • Low maintenance – a great looking garden without the hassle.
  • Save water, time & money – achieving the same look with real turf is both difficult and expensive.
  • Enhanced appearance – looks like high-quality healthy grass all-year round.
  • Long-lasting – artificial grass has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

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We’re experienced at working with builders in Sydney to achieve great results for their residential and commercial projects. Our flexible fitting service fits in with your site schedule, and we offer volume discounts for large projects. We’re confident that once you’ve tried artificial grass on your new properties, you’ll never go back to using traditional lawns again.

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Best for Big Commercial Lawn Projects

Turf for Sydney BuilderFor Sydney’s builders who are completing a large commercial project, artificial grass is a great way to finish off the look of the project. Ecolawns' artificial grass creates a finished look that is immaculate and doesn’t require a great deal of extra maintenance.

For builders in Sydney looking for an artificial grass installation, contact Ecolawns Australia today.

We are now offering interest-free terms from 6 months up to 24 months to all our customers in Sydney, The Central Coast & Newcastle.

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Do you have any questions about artificial grass? Check out our FAQs page.

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Why choose us

Naturally Green

Our premium synthetic grass Sydney feels excellent and looks naturally green all year round. You will not only save water, time, money and effort. You will also enhance the beauty and value of your property.

Cost Efficient

Astro turf are suitable for Australia's harsh climate. It's pretty cost efficient as you don't need to do constant watering, mowing, & fertilising. It replicates the natural look and feel of natural lawns and allows you to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space no matter what the season.

Over 20 varieties

We supply over 20 varieties of high quality, long lasting, affordable, realistic, pet & kids friendly synthetic turf products in Sydney & surrounding areas.


We genuinely care about your family and property, and we value your time with that, we strive to supply & install easy to clean fake lawns covered with up to 7-year warranty.


Artificial lawn is an excellent choice for homes, schools, shires and nurseries as its environmentally-friendly. It is both safe for both children and pets. Hygiene wise, it is easily cleaned with light watering, making it free from harmful substances.

No Fuss

No fuss – Our artificial lawns don’t require mowing or watering. That means you'll save money on your water bills, on maintenance, mowing, weeding and fertilising. Not only that, but it's also long-lasting, environmentally friendly, safe for kids and pets too!